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Body Composition & Weight Management

Body composition refers primarily to the distribution of muscle and fat in the body, and its measurement plays an important role in both health and fitness. Excess body fat may lead to obesity and increases the risk of getting many diseases. In sports, excess fat hinders performance as it does not contribute to muscular force production, and it is additional weight that requires energy to move about.
Our Body Management Specialists can provide detailed information about your body make up in the form of motivational charts and statistical reports and also give you practical advice on your diet, remembering that a diet is a change in eating habits and not a cut back on your daily food intake.

The Body Composition Analysis measures your:

        Fitness Testing & Assessments
  • Body fat Weight & %
  • Body Lean Weight & %
  • Water % & total body water
  • Optimal ranges of each of the above
  • Estimated average energy requirements
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood pressure & Heart rate
  • Total Body weight 

With the use of Heart Rate Monitors (provided by Upper Limits) linked to personal computers, we can train you  in or out of the gym specifically for weight loss either in a small group or, if you prefer, as an individual.


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